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Author: Randy Weckerly


I have just published a true story of a miracle that happened in 2005. It is a faith based story of my son's episode of nearly dying from viral encephalitis. I hope it gives people hope and blessings when they read this documented true story of our son Adam's Miracle of Survival.  

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"Adams Miracle"

My Story

Noted media professional with a lifetime of on camera and behind the scenes productions; accomplished publisher of multiple magazines and online Websites, Facebook pages, Instagram posts, etc. Mr. Weckerly began his media career as the Mutual of Omaha spokesperson on Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, featuring Marlin Perkins 1975-84. He became a SAG eligible performer, which led Mr. Weckerly to a foundation of performances and to creating his own Excite Minds Media Network of multiple ROKU Channels along with 19 podcast platforms.  

His passion for entrepreneurism began in 1985 when his golf playing ability led him to the PGA Merchandise Show, where in 2003 he  created one of largest trade show experiences, the Equipment Testing Center. This opened up the world of Golf to Mr. Weckerly, not only to pursue the game as an amateur, but later turning professional with his ability to teach the game of golf, and gave him introductions  for his golf consulting business  to the world's largest companies. He not only helped save companies financially after 9/11 but helped them grow and flourish. 

Mr. Weckerly created two major online companies, "Live Eco Style" and "The Distillery Channel". Both company Websites feature hundreds of podcasts, interviews after thousands of miles traveled throughout the world by himself or his channel production teams. 

His most current endeavor is telling the story through his latest novel, "Adam's Miracle"; the true life story of his son, Adam's life-threatening experience in 2005 where by a Miracle of God, his son survived viral encephalitis often a deadly diagnosis. Mr. Weckerly is currently speaking with groups and podcast hosts about this story which takes the reader from the onset of the illness to the return home of Adam, who he loves and the one who God returned to full life in 2005.


For more information on Mr. Weckerly's availability please write to 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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