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How It All Began

Family Traditions

Grandparents in general provide unconditional love and nurturing. Nevin & Genevieve Foy, grandparents of Randy Weckerly, instilled values and traditions  spending time on Lake Kegonsa, Wisconsin during Randy's formative years. .

Fishing, nurturing, growing, hiking and learning about nature and all things evolving to survive in a world where beauty is found, the land is sacred and decency was taught in large and small ways.

Mr. Weckerly's interest grew in experiential lifestyle and world travel, while finding a way through podcasting and business from 1974 to present day.

Completing years of research and returning to college in 2010, an area of study was researched showing if travelers had the choice to make their travel "Eco Minded", it was found 67% would push that button. When asked a second question, "Do you consider yourself Eco Minded in Life?", over 90% answered affirmatively. 

Following those two surveys, "Eco Certification Online", was created to help people measure where they stand on six areas of an eco-minded lifestyle.

Live Eco Style enjoys going and growing, while learning every day our positive choices in life. A simple desire to

"Live Life - Celebrating a Lifestyle"

Enjoy Every Day,

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